Russian fitness coach thwarts street burglary, cracks armed attackers’ jaw & ribs

The tables were turned on two muggers when they had to defend themselves from a 27-year-old female fitness coach, who came to the attempted robbery victim’s rescue, leaving the attackers with a shattered jaw and broken ribs.

Ekaterina Shevalyuk, 27, a fitness center employee in the Russian city of Novosibirsk, was in her apartment on the 8th floor when she heard the sounds of a struggle down on the street. The woman rushed to the balcony and saw two visibly drunk men harassing a young woman. One of the attackers seemingly attempted to wrestle something away from the girl, she said.

Ekaterina, who is a certified fitness coach but currently works as an administrator, hurried to the young woman’s defense without wasting a second.

She told RIA Novosti that, although the altercation unfolded around 2am, there were passersby who ignored the incident. Cars also passed by without stopping to help, so Ekaterina decided to take action herself, at first simply asking the men to leave the young woman alone.

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Her pleas did not have the desired effect on the attackers, who were obviously inebriated. Instead, one of the muggers drew an air pistol and fired several shots towards her legs.

“I managed to knock the gun [out of his hand]. I would not have managed to do that if they were sober, but they, I believe, were very drunk. I saw very clearly that they were not very confident on their feet. The fight broke out: I punched one of them, then another,” Ekaterina said.

In the process, she cracked the attackers’ jaw and ribs. Notably, Ekaterina said she has no martial arts experience.

It was reported that after being confronted by the “wonder woman,” the two men, 29 and 30, actually called the police themselves. The men were taken to the hospital, while the initial target of the attack, a 20-year-old student, was later handed over to her parents by the police absolutely unharmed.

Police say that none of the parties have filed a complaint so far.

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