Big Shots: This Week's in Photos

Babylon by BusMosul, Iraq—These are the lucky ones—Iraqis fortunate enough to flee as government and coalition forces continue their assault on Mosul. More and more civilians are leaving the area—like this boy on a bus headed to the town of Hammam Ali on February 22. Those left behind in places controlled by the Islamic State group (ISIS) are facing dire conditions; food, water and fuel are scarce. “We’re no longer afraid of the rockets and the buzzing of bullets,” Abu Marwan, a government employee from western Mosul, told The New York Times. “We fear hunger more.” Zohra Bensemra/Reuters Gun RunnersPretoria, South Africa—When South Africans took to the streets, marching on February 24 against an influx of foreign workers, the situation quickly turned violent. Protesters clashed with immigrants while police fired rubber bullets and stun grenades into the crowds. Crime and unemployment continue to plague the country, and many there have used Somalis and Nigerians as scapegoats. “It is wrong to brandish all non-nationals as drug dealers or human traffickers,” President Jacob Zuma said, trying to calm the situation. “Let us isolate those who commit such crimes…without stereotyping and causing harm to innocent people.” Alet Pretorius/Gallo/Getty Pipeline of TearsCannon Ball, North Dakota—For months they came—Native Americans, environmentalists, veterans—pitching tents and protesting, trying stop the Dakota Access pipeline, which they say could harm the area’s drinking water. Now their campsite is empty. On February 22, many, like this couple, left the site on order of the authorities, who arrested dozens of stragglers the next day. Not long after taking the oath of office, President Donald Trump signed an executive order for completion of the pipeline, which could be finished as soon as this spring. It was a major reversal of the Obama administration’s policy and a setback for the protesters. Many have vowed to continue their fight. James MacPherson/AP

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