Burger King brings romance to Valentine's Day with two-holed soda cup



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Sharing drinks is possibly the ultimate benefit of being in a relationship, or even just casually accompanying someone to dinner. Do I want to pay for an entire soda? No. Do I desperately want at least a sip of soda? Yes, very much so, unfortunately. 

The downsides of sharing a soda include, but are not limited to: sharing a straw (unsanitary), using two straws but they don't fit very well so the straws get sort of squished together, not being able to tell whose straw is whose, not being able to drink at the same time— all elements that could impact the quality of your romantic date at a restaurant where soda is served in paper cups and consumed through a straw.

Fear not, carbonation-loving lovers: Burger King has introduced the Valentine's Cup.


Image: Burger king

The lid of this seduction machine features not one, but two straw-holes (is there a more scientific term?) for couples to utilize not one, but two straws. 

Now, those of us who are going steady can gaze into each others eyes wistfully while slurping up bubbles, then presumably burp, in synchronization while maintaining eye contact. 


Image: Burger King

This extremely necessary evolution in lid technology is available after "many years of researches and innovations," Burger King stated in a press release. 

They also claim it is "the solution to have a perfect Valentine's Day," so take that information and seduce away. 

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