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2017%2f02%2f07%2f73%2f1 720.fa6f6By Yi Shu Ng2017-03-01 09:47:19 UTC

We love mayo, but perhaps not this much.

Not one but two mayonnaise-based eateries are set to pop-up in Japan in the coming months, celebrating the creamy dip in all its glory. 

The cafes are being opened by Kewpie, a 92-year-old Japanese mayo brand that is widely recognised as superior:

Still, Kewpie in everything? The menu will apparently carry dishes like mayo-marinated chicken, omelets, egg mayo sandwiches — and even a custard-like dessert.

Kewpie said prices will range from 400 yen ($3.50) for a small mayo dessert to 1,600 yen ($14.09) for the chicken chop.

Kewpie tastes noticeably different from the mayo that we're all familiar with. Its ingredients include egg yolks, vegetable oil, apple or rice vinegar, giving it a little sweeter taste compared with the competition.

If Kewpie's mayo cafes aren't enough, the company also has a mayonnaise museum called Mayo Terrace, where there's a giant wooden replica of its iconic squeeze bottle.

The new pop-ups are set to happen in Tokyo from Mar. 1 to Mar. 31, and in Nagoya from Apr. 3 to Apr. 30.

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