STOP Throwing Out These Foods

STOP Throwing Out These Foods
STOP Throwing Out These Foods
The idea of wasted cheese wants to make us weep. Yet, we confess, we have done it: the leftovers of a fancy party, or a weird bit of cheddar that never got used for burgers.

An easy cheese toast is the quickest way to eat up any odds and ends, especially together. Top your desired slice of bread and stick it directly under the broiler till it melts, and you're halfway to an easy dinner. And, of course, like nuts, just about any cheese tastes good tossed in a salad.

If you're really down to the rinds of hard cheese, put them in a bag in the freezer for stock. This is also a great place to toss vegetables like onions and leeks, as well as herbs like rosemary and thyme. Next time you're making a stock, you can toss everything in at once and get a much tastier product.


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