Luka Sabbat’s Clothing Line Debuts Next Week

Luka Sabbat’s Clothing Line Debuts Next Week
Luka Sabbat’s Clothing Line Debuts Next Week

Gigi and Bella Hadid weren’t the only family team backstage at H&M. There was also Luka Sabbat, aka “the coolest teenager on the internet,” and his mom, Jessica Romer, a caterer who used to work with Dior. Sabbat’s girlfriend, Adriana Mora, a model who joined him on Dolce & Gabbana’s runway last week, was there, too.

“I’ll be in Paris for a bit,” says the teen backstage at H&M’s Tuesday night show. “I’ve gotta see my man Virgil [Abloh] tomorrow night [at Off/White]. And when H&M asked if I would come do this, I mean, I wasn’t going to say ‘no’ to something like this. It’s a big show.”

It’s also a big brand for capsule collections. H&M has worked with everyone from Karl Lagerfeld to Alex Katz. Is he in talks for anything H&M-ified? “I feel like when I do a collab, it’s not real,” he laughs. “Like, I literally just buy clothes, and then do new things with them. It’s all very unofficial. I don’t think that would fly here. And I think there are only three brands, which I’m not even gonna name, that I would want to do an official partnership with. Otherwise, I just want to appreciate the clothes for what they are.”

Running with the pack isn’t Sabbat’s only mission this week. He’s also in Paris to hype his new art collective, Hot Mess, which just took over Milk Studios in New York City, and launched a series of prints by Sabbat and photographer Noah Dillon. “They’re really selling,” he said of the youth culture portraits, “and the sales are just a confirmation that people really love the art. So I want to take it on tour, and do the next show in Los Angeles, and then all over the world if I can. I’m working on getting an art show here for next Paris Fashion Week. We worked so hard on the project and shot it around the world, so now I want to show it around the world.”

Next up: a new jewelry line and a forthcoming clothing collection that—spoiler alert—will appear on the internet starting next week. “When I was in high school, I wanted to go to the Royal College of Art and learn about fashion and making my own clothes,” he explains. “So now that I’m modeling, it’s not what I really wanted to do, and it’s definitely not the only thing I do, but in a different way, it does mean I get to study clothes up-close and work with these designers who I wanted to be.”

Those designers include Abloh, West, Tommy Hilfiger, and Public School, among others, which makes us wonder, isn’t that a lot of pressure?

“Oh, I put mad pressure on myself,” he admits. “I crack up, sometimes. I do. Just not in public. I save it. But I stress out a lot. I’ll be mad chill for a week or two weeks, and then for three days straight, I’ll go totally insane. I’ll stress out about everything. It’s not really the modeling,” he explains. “It’s juggling all my professions at once. But it’s worth it when you work so hard and the reaction is amazing, and you feel like you’re getting your vision across… like the Hot Mess look book we’re dropping next week. Hopefully.”

So will Hot Mess clothing be an… actual hot mess?

No,” he laughs. “They will not be literally hot messes. They will be clean. They will be tight. You’ll like them.”

We bet 355,000 Instagram Followers that the internet likes them, too.

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