The Girl Suit That's Actually Worth The $$$

The Girl Suit That's Actually Worth The $$$
The Fashion Girl Suit That's Actually Worth The $$$
You know a trend has caught on when you start seeing it everywhere. But with so many options comes the question: Which one is actually Worth It? Every Tuesday, we're looking at a different girl favorite and the varying price points it comes in, and letting you know — straight up — how much you should really be spending. You work hard for your money; why not put it towards pieces that matter?

When it comes to suiting, there isn't any room for messing around on fit and size: Everything has to hit in just the right place, from the shoulder seam to the hem of the pants, and because of that, they tend to be more expensive. But, you may also be surprised to know that some fast-fashion retailers are killing the whole blazer-and-trousers game. What used to be something so difficult to find on the cheap is now popping up at all of our favorite affordable haunts.

With this influx at suits at so many different price points, we found ourselves asking: How much should we really be spending on a suit? Should we still splurge for quality, or should we take advantage of getting the look for less? Ahead, we put our question to the test with options from a variety of cost levels. Click on to see our verdict.


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