The start of justice? Grenfell’s bereaved to speak at inquiry into deadly fire

Family and friends will pay tribute to those they lost in the Grenfell fire at the commencement of a public inquiry into the cause of the disaster. 71 people were killed in last year’s blaze when the tower went up in flames.

The inquiry will try to establish the causes of the fatal fire, using eye-witness accounts, videos, photos, evidence from experts, and the paper trail of the tower's history since it was built in the 1970s.

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Before the investigation can begin, the inquiry wants to give those still mourning those lost in the disaster an chance to pay tribute by speaking publicly about those they lost, or by showing photos or videos of deceased loved ones.

The hearings are expected to last nine days. The inquiry could go for longer as there is no time limit for the tributes, but they are expected to last between two minutes and over an hour.
The inquiry will commemorate the lives of 72 people including Maria del Pilar Burton, a resident of the tower who died in January. Del Pilar Burton never left hospital following her escape from the tragic fire.

The oral hearings into the circumstances of the fire will commence on June 4.
Separately from the public inquiry, police are also conducting an investigation into the blaze. The police probe could result in criminal charges laid against individuals or organizations involved in the construction, maintenance or refurbishment of the tower.

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