Lush is Taking a ‘Yuge’ Stance Against Donald Trump

lush yuge

By Madelyn Chung

Date February 23, 2017

Lush may be known for their fun bath bombs and magical body bars, but they’re also renowned for being a very inclusive, diverse and accepting beauty brand.

The U.K.-based beauty company prides itself on being a “safe space for everyone—regardless of immigration status, gender, race, age, sexual orientation, religion or political affiliation” — something that is of utmost importance at a time when Muslim bans and revoked transgender washrooms guidelines are being implemented by the President of the United States.

Because of this, it comes to no surprise that Lush’s product is taking a tongue-in-cheek stance against President Donald Trump, with its new mask, aptly called ‘Yuge.’ (Don’t worry, it won’t make your hair look like Trump’s.)lush yuge Photography by Lush

The mask is one of five new Hot Oil treatments revealed at the Lush Summit 2017 in the U.K. It is composed of over 10 per cent sea salt for maximum volume and contains jojoba oil, olive oil and honey for added softness.lush yuge Photography by Lush

And while the hair product itself really has nothing to do with Trump other than the name, Lush took its reveal one step further by enlisting an “orange-faced, tiny handed man” to walk around the summit for the launch.lush donald trump

Accurately terrifying.

Lush also took the summit as an opportunity to unveil their latest campaign called “All Are Welcome. Always.”

“The United States is in the midst of a trying political and social time that is being felt throughout North America and the world,” the brand writes on its website. “Intolerance, hostility, racism and fear have been pushed to the forefront and emotions are running high. Because of this divisiveness, it’s now more important than ever to stand up for inclusivity, compassion and respect for all people.”

As part of this campaign, Lush also amended their ‘We Believe’ statement for the first time in over 20 years to include, “We believe that all people should enjoy freedom of movement across the world.”

For now, Yuge is currently “being tested on humans” in the Lush Hair Lab. We have a feeling it’ll be a “yuge” hit when it finally launches — especially in North America.

Photography via Lush


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