M.A.C’s New Eyeshadow Palette Will Make Your Inner Basic Bitch Freak Out

We literally can't even.

By Madelyn Chung

Date February 23, 2017

Being a basic bitch may be a bad thing to some, but M.A.C’s about to make being basic cool again.

The cosmetics company is coming out with a Basic Bitch palette, and we hate to say it, but we literally can’t even.

The eyeshadow palette was first spotted backstage at Milan Week, with M.A.C’s senior makeup artist, Netta Szekely, offering a sneak peek on her Instagram.

The palette is said to include new shades and textures, all featuring metallic sheens. There’s nine pans in total with one extra-large soft pink shade called “Love this Bitch.” Other LOL-inducing names include “Me Me Me,” “Text Me Later” and “Gameplayer.” (For reals, we’re screaming.)

And TBH, the colours itself don’t seem “basic” in the sense that they’ll be worn by an Ugg-wearing, PSL-holding gal, but rather, basic neutral shades to create a variety of looks that’ll take you from day to night. Adding the “basic bitch” theme is simply just a brilliant marketing scheme, because, let’s be honest, basics LOVE their neutral palettes.

So far, there’s no word as to when the Basic Bitch palette will be coming out, and according to Refinery29, M.A.C says it’s just “being tested for now.”

But actually though, can you just release the damn palette already? kthx.

Photography via Instagram/nettart


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