Emmys 2018: How to Use the Best Reaction GIFs of the Night

There's an award show reaction GIF for every occasion.

By Meghan McKenna

Date September 18, 2018

There’s no better place for mining reaction GIFs than award shows. Whether it’s the VMAs, the MMVas, the Oscars or the Grammys, a room full of dolled-up famous people with video cameras glued to their faces means one thing: someone is going to capture the moment, and make you a meme. (Seriously, just ask Chrissy Teigen.) Here are a few of the best GIFs from last night’s Emmys.

When a coworkers asks if you’ve seen the banana bread they left in the fridge. 


When you see someone stomping on the patriarchy. 


When someone actually notices your new haircut. 


When someone spills a secret you heard three weeks ago. 


When the one friend who always flakes actually shows up. 


When you, the friend who always flakes, actually shows up. 


When everyone’s reacting to the 


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