Steve Harvey slyly jokes about Oscars blunder after everyone drags him into it

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By Christine Wang2017-02-27 14:46:35 UTC

As you probably know by now, a monumental mistake occurred at the end of the Oscars on Sunday night.

La La Land was announced as winner of Best Picture, and the entire cast and crew had already gone up to the stage to accept the award before it was discovered that in fact Moonlight was the rightful winner.

We now know the blunder was the result of presenters Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty having been given the wrong envelope. However, in the heat of the moment, responses and reactions were flying fast and hot on Twitter, and inevitably Steve Harvey was mentioned. He was mentioned many times.

What does Steve Harvey have to do with the Oscars? Well, nothing. But Harvey has become the whoopsie poster child for mistaken announcements on very public stages.

In 2015, Harvey was the host of the Miss Universe pageant. At the end of the night, he incorrectly proclaimed Miss Columbia as the winner when in fact Miss Philippines had been printed on the card. Harvey had to then awkwardly get back on the microphone and correct his own mistake.

So you really can't blame the internet for immediately thinking of him when the Oscars mistake went down. The similarities were just too strong to pass up.

Even the official Miss Universe Twitter account immediately felt the kinship and voiced their support in a mic-drop worthy tweet.

You have to wonder, though, what does Steve Harvey think about all of this renewed attention? He of course had nothing to do with the Oscars mistake, and yet he's become the butt of so many jokes in its aftermath that it feels like he has almost become half-responsible for it.

Whether Harvey watched the Oscars or not, he figured out soon enough what happened. And he also saw how he himself was got conflated with the drama. So he decided to make a casual little joke about it this morning.

Then, he good-naturedly accepted the fact that he is being considered the pioneer of the awards show mix up.

What a way to start Monday morning.

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