Meryl Streep Hits Major Oscars Party and Lets It Rip

Yet another reason to respect Meryl Streep, if one was needed.

Most stars, if their name was involved in a fashion imbroglio like Streep’s with Chanel, would stay home and lick their wounds. Not Streep. She attended Friday’s 10th Annual Women in Film cocktail party and posed for photographers while cozied up in a long black coat. She then slipped past the press line, momentarily pausing to affectionately refer to BBC as “another beauty” (a subtle dig at President Trump, who had pointed at a reporter from the outlet during his recent press conference and proclaimed, “There’s another beauty”).

The actress made her way inside the party and blended into the crowd — and then, folks demanded a speech. So she obliged.

“I feel like never saying anything again … forever,” she joked. “Because everybody is speaking up and that’s great. Because with the numbers, they can’t ignore us. And we are 51 or maybe 52 percent now of the population.” Streep went on to share a quick story about her high school years and how an exchange student from Afghanistan reminded her of how far women around the world had come. “Stuff can change, and you have to really feel the earth move under your feet,” she noted.



Brie Larson, left, and Emma Stone (Photo: Getty Images)


Freida Pinto was smitten. “She empowers people just by being who she is. You know it’s coming from the heart, never at the cost of ridiculing someone or making someone feel inferior. And that’s really beautiful about her,” she told Yahoo Style. Pinto added that she was thrilled over this year’s Oscar-nominated film picks and told reporters that she found La La Land to be a pleasant distraction in this politically tumultuous day and age. “[It] was a very healing movie. It was a feel-good movie. I thought it was a beautiful film. It actually reminded me a lot of Slumdog Millionaire, a story of hope at the end of the day.”



Emma Stone and Brie Larson, in McQueen, get bubbly. (Photo: Getty Images)



Brie Larson in Alexander McQueen. (Photo: Getty Images)


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Gabrielle Union will be watching the Oscars on Sunday with tequila, friends, and her brand new ’do.

“My hairstylist, Larry Sims, was like, ‘Let’s chop it off,’ and I was like, ‘All right.’ I didn’t think it was going to be quite this short, but I love it,” she said of being enamored with her new bob. Her husband, NBA star Dwyane Wade, has yet to see it in person. “He saw it on Snapchat, though, and he DMed me,” she said. “So I guess that’s a good sign — when my man DMs you,” she joked.



Gabrielle Union in Rodarte. (Photo: Getty Images)


And Lily Gladstone was thankful to arrive to the party in an intact dress. “This is the second dress of this that I went through today,” she said, of her Adrianna Papell ensemble. “The zipper had a malfunction a little bit earlier. So I’ve already gotten my malfunction out of the way for the weekend.”

Viola Davis, Zoe Kravitz, and Michelle Dockery were in attendance, and Brie Larson addressed the crowd; she’s last year’s Best Actress winner for Room.



Brie Larson and Viola Davis. (Photo: Getty Images)


“We will be here a year later, and let’s talk about how this was the moment. This was the moment we we went, ‘I got it. I know how to make the world a better place,’” she noted. “Artists are the ones that the politicians fear. It’s always been the case. So let’s do it! Let’s let them be afraid of us.” Streep flashed a look of approval and then made a hand signal that suggested she was ready for a drink.

Following the speeches, the female Oscar nominees posed together for one large group photo. As soon as the last flash went off, Emma Stone made a beeline for the back door. Her bodyguards warded off selfie seekers and rushed the A-lister off to what we’re assuming was a night filled with a multitude of parties. It’s good to be the queen.

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