SMTV: 7 things that MUST be in the anniversary special

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By now, if you're of a certain age, you might have heard the most exciting piece of news since the invention of television.

If not, make sure you're sitting down while you read this - SM:TV might be coming back to our screens to mark 20 years since it first aired.

The Saturday morning children's show hosted by Ant and Dec first aired from 1998-2003 (although the duo left in 2001 to host Pop Idol).

Earlier this week, Ant said: "It's funny, we were talking to someone about this recently, because it's 20 years since the launch of SM:TV next year.

"We were saying, or asking if there's an appetite… to do an anniversary special."

Ant, let us answer this question for you right now: YES THERE IS.

Assuming this goes ahead (and go ahead it must), here are seven things that absolutely need to return along with the show.

1. Cat Deeley

Ant and Dec have gone on to become national treasures since their early days, and now host Britain's Got Talent, I'm A Celebrity and Saturday Night Takeaway.

But it's important to remember this Geordie duo were once a trio.

Cat Deeley was the third presenter of SM:TV, and she was just as important a fixture as Ant and Dec.

She now lives in the US with her husband Patrick Kielty - but if she books her trip to the UK now she might be able to get a good deal on flights.

But would she be able to fit it into her schedule?

On Friday, Dec told This Morning: "[We'll see] if we can get Cat back from America - she's a big star over there now - so she might come back if we beg!"

2. The postman dance

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For anyone under the age of 18, we'd better put in a quick explainer here.

In the olden days, people didn't have smartphones. Most of them didn't text, email or use instant messaging.

They sent letters. Actual paper, handwritten, stamped, addressed, put in the postbox letters.

Every week, Ant, Dec and Cat would read out the weird and wonderful letters that had been sent in by viewers.

And most importantly, this segment kicked off with a dance routine to Please Mr Postman by The Carpenters.

3. C.H.U.M.S.

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What's your favourite sitcom of all time? You may well be thinking of The Big Bang Theory or How I Met Your Mother.

If so, you should be ashamed of yourself. ASHAMED. You clearly missed Chums - Ant, Dec and Cat's brilliant take on Friends.

This breakout segment of SM:TV may not have had Jennifer Aniston or Matthew Perry, but it did have "Me and Cat, alone in the flat".

In other words, Dec's ever-failing attempts to seduce his flatmate, Ross and Rachel style.

Could the return of SM:TV see Dec and Cat finally getting together? (Spoiler: No)

4. Wonky Donkey

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*shakes fist*

5. CD:UK

As if presenting a Saturday morning kids show wasn't enough, Ant, Dec and Cat stayed on an extra hour after it ended to present a second show.

CD:UK was a live music show for the days when channels used to broadcast live music shows.

All the biggest pop acts could be seen singing (or miming) from 11:30 every Saturday morning.

We're talking S Club 7, Cleopatra, Steps, B*Witched, Atomic Kitten and so many more music legends.

It may be hard to track down some of them these days, so we'll accept Little Mix and Ed Sheeran in their place.

Having said that, CD:UK staple All Saints are still together, so please make sure your phone is switched on Shaznay.

6. Pokemon (or, more realistically, the Pokerap)

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Reruns of Pokemon are not absolutely essential, so we're willing to compromise on this one.

The one thing that is totally non-negotiable, however, is the Pokerap.

Every week, before showing an episode of Pokemon, Ant & Dec would dress up as (very dodgy) rappers and spit some bars.

The only rules were the rap had to rhyme and include the names of several Pokemons.

Example lyric: "SM:TV is the place to be / if you wanna catch a Pikachu or Butterfree."

7. Eat My Goal and other brilliant features

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There are so many to mention here that we can't possibly do justice to them all.

Eat My Goal is obviously a classic.

And then there was Catch The Cockney, Challenge Ant, Sumo Wrestling (pictured), Fart Attack, Splatoon, Pick Your Knows and The Vicar of Dribbley.

The brilliant thing about all of these is the title alone leaves no need for explanation.

Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly, please do what is in the best interests of this nation and bring back SM:TV in 2018.

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