Khloe Kardashian Gets Her 'Tramp Stamp' Removed and Documents It

Khloe Kardashian Gets Her 'Tramp Stamp' Removed and Documents It
Khloe Kardashian Gets Her 'Tramp Stamp' Removed and Documents It

There comes a time in many a woman’s life when she regrets that trendy tramp stamp she got in college. That time has come for Khloe Kardashian.

The reality TV star got her lower back tattoo removed via laser on Tuesday and shared the experience with her fans via Snapchat. She brought her sister Kim with her for moral support, who also Snapchatted the experience.

According to The Daily Mail, Khloe went to Park Medical Spa in Brentwood, Calif., to get the tat lasered off. “OK guys, I’m about to get tattoo removal,” Khloe begins her selfie Snapchat while lying on the examination table naked, using the bunny filter. “Bye bye tramp stamp!!” she captioned the post of a nurse lasering her lower back.

Flashes can be seen as the tattoo that once said “Daddy” over a cross disappears. “You’re doing so good…hang in there, hang in there…sorry,” the practitioner can be heard saying and she lasers away, which can be very painful. However, Khloe remained silent as she lay face down on the table. Maybe Snapchat helped to distract her from the pain.

Kim shared a video of Khloe looking at her phone while waiting to get worked on with the caption, “See she [should] have never put a bumper sticker on her Bentley #TattooRemoval,” referencing what she said to Wendy Williams in 2009 when making an appearance on her show. On the show, after Khloe showed Williams her tats and the host asked Kim if she had any, Kim responded, “Honey, would you ever put a bumper sticker on a Bentley?” Oh, Kim. “But you would on a Ferrari, ‘cuz Khloe’s a Ferrari,” she said. Nice save.

Khloe got the tattoo when she was 16, and she’s regretted it for years. “On my lower back, I don’t like the location… I got a trendy location. It’s called a ‘tramp stamp,'” she told Ryan Seacrest of the ink in 2009. She began the removal process in Sept. 2015, but tattoos usually take multiple treatments to remove. Khloe shared that experience with her Instagram followers, as well.

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