Make Up For Ever Is the Latest Brand to Break Diversity Barriers 



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It took until 2017, but inclusive campaigns are slowly but surely becoming the norm. Make Up For Ever is the latest brand to launch a campaign centered on acceptance and inclusivity with their new “Blend In. Stand Out” initiative. Just as important, with 40 foundation shades, they have the product to back up any claims about diversity.

The brand paired makeup artists Renny Vasquez and Priscilla Ono with six influencers and asked each to choose a personal cause. As a result, the anti-bullying, universal equality, authenticity, individuality, diversity, and self-expression. Those are complex issues that no makeup brand can solve, but it’s reassuring to see the industry’s attempts to fight the good fight. As influencer Arshia Moorjani says, “I did not have a lot of girls like me to get inspired by. I really hope to be that brown girl for all my brown ladies out there.”

“It would be easy for me to say I’m pushing boundaries by coming out as gender fluid or coming out as gay,” says Madison Paige. “But I’d say nowadays, the biggest boundary is I’m pushing is trying to convince other people to be as honest with themselves as I am.” If even one young person is inspired by this campaign, then let’s agree to consider it a success.

With “Blend In. Stand Out”, Make Up For Ever joins the ranks of beauty giants like CoverGirl, Maybelline, and L’Oreal that have moved to be more inclusive. As CoverGirl and Maybelline bring men into the fold with male spokesmodels and more and more brands are including transgender women, is also starting to catch up. This year’s Fashion Week runways have included all types of women and birthed a rising star in hijab-wearing model Halima Aden. Brands seem to understand that exclusivity and divisiveness simply isn’t an option anymore, at least if you want to sell product. Now it’s up to the rest of the world to agree.

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