How Young Is Too Young To Wear Makeup?

How Young Is Too Young To Wear Makeup?
How Young Is Too Young To Wear Makeup?
If we had to pick our favorite style star for the 2017 awards season, it would be an easy call: Millie Bobby Brown. It’s the actress' first season on the carpet and already she's rocked everything from a bright pink lip at the Golden Globes to shimmery shadow and peachy lipstick. But every time we include her in a best makeup roundup, the commenters cry, “But she's only 13!!"

There's no denying that the juvenile set wearing makeup is a polarizing issue — even when it happens in Hollywood. Paint a red lip on a minor and the internet has no problem sharing mixed opinions, although it doesn't seem to change the practice. So where do we draw the line between fun and controversial? What are the rules? And, how do makeup artists navigate the landscape?

To find out, we tapped two makeup artists who have tons of experience working with the kids and teens. Our BTS insiders? Pati Dubroff, who's worked with Miley Cyrus for years, including through her teen years, and Carissa Ferreri, long-time makeup artist to now 17-year-old actress Bailee Madison. "When you're on camera, it's really about how much makeup," says Dubroff. "There are a lot of lights and you don't want features to get lost." Of course, she notes that there's more to it than just that: "Makeup is about self-expression, too."

According to Dubroff and Ferreri, kids' makeup is all about striking a balance between fun, fresh, and age-appropriate. So what does that mean? Ahead, the two artists walk us through exactly what they do for their youthful clientele before they hit the red carpet.


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