Amazon's Best-Selling Products May Surprise You

Amazon's Best-Selling Products May Surprise You
Amazon's Best-Selling Beauty Products May Surprise You
We’ve heard about some dark nights down an Amazon K-hole — and even experienced a few ourselves. You know what we're talking about: You start surfing in bed and the hours drift by, then by the next morning you end up with email receipts for the funkiest orders. (Yes, a new Himalayan pink salt lamp is almost always accounted for — no matter how many we already have.)

But Amazon is good for a lot more than just finding cheap phone cases or absentmindedly browsing through all the wildest categories. We’re talking about the hidden gem that is — and lots of it. In fact, according to Amazon, there are plenty of online shopping devotees out there who spend a ton of money to get what they need in a day or two, as opposed to stepping out the door and heading to Walgreens or Sephora. So much so, that Amazon has revealed its best-selling beauty product list — and it’s longer than you might expect.

The coolest part about this list isn’t that it actually exists, but what's on it. Some results are expected, some are random, and some surprised even us, but one thing is for sure: These Amazon beauty sleuths know how to hunt for the essentials they need.

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