Yes, People Are Tattooing On Freckles Now

Yes, People Are Tattooing On Freckles Now
Yes, People Are Tattooing On Freckles Now
You've probably heard about micro-blading, the semi-permanent tattoo technique that creates the look of eyebrows for those of us who suffered through the over-plucked early Aughts or were just born with thin brows. Now there's a new semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo option available, for those who dream of a splash of freckles across their face.

Montreal cosmetic tattoo artist Gabrielle Rainbow seems to be a trendsetter here, after watching her friend draw freckles on her face almost daily.

“Before tattooing her," Rainbow told NewBeauty, "I experimented on myself—I really don't recommend tattooing your own face—but once I saw that it worked out, and I liked the effect, I decided to do hers.”

Rainbow tells NewBeauty, she is now doing them on a "wide range" of clients. "I'd say for freckles, it's clients who naturally will get some in the summertime with sun exposure, but want them year-long.”

Like microblading, the cosmetic tattoo is semi-permanent, and depending on the client (everyone is a little different), can last up to three years. Rainbow charges about $250 for her work, but she seems to be one of the few artists doing this right now.


As with any tattoo, research the artist with whom you work. Even with semi-permanent, there are risks, like the needle going too deep or an infection.

Curious about how the process looks? See women in Australia get permanent freckle tattoos in the video below.


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