"Heartilage" Piercings Is The Trend We Never Knew We Wanted

"Heartilage" Piercings Is The Trend We Never Knew We Wanted
"Heartilage" Piercings Is The Trend We Never Knew We Wanted
Of all the piercing trends to come and go — the nipple is having a major moment, the daith is big in L.A. right now, and constellation piercings are so damn cool we can't stop talking about them — orbitals rarely get much play. And, to be brutally honest, we understand why.
In case you're not familiar, an orbital is a bit like an industrial piercing. That is, it's one that uses two holes for one piece of jewelry. Perhaps it's the legwork required that has hindered the trend: It requires exact piercing placement to fit the jewelry properly. Plus, the angle of the holes really should line up, too, so it lays correctly and doesn't irritate the holes with slight redirection. It takes planning on your piercer's part and commitment to certain earrings on yours. Or, perhaps it's the less-expansive selection of jewelry that holds people back. Sure, you'll see an arrow or twisted bar industrial, but you rarely see many orbitals besides a classic circle. Until now.
Dubbed the "heartiledge piercing" by PopSugar — heart + cartilage = heartilage, of course — New York piercer Robbie Milian is bringing the orbital back into vogue, one adorable heart at a time. That's right, he's putting a heart hoop (which he appears to have bent himself) in the top of the cartilage. And guess what? It's really freakin' cute!

While certainly not the first to do this — it's normally called a "heart orbital" piercing and has filtered in and out of the piercing zeitgeist for years,it's a pretty rad look that we haven't seen coming out of any other high-profile shops lately. Plus, it's an easy piercing to replace. Think: Two little hoops or matching studs would be incredibly chic once you get sick of the heart.


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