Adorable Baby With Full Head of Will Make You Smile

Please welcome the newest celebrity hairstylist, new mother Angie Dunn of Idaho. Her client? Baby Oliver, who’s landed in the news for just how much he has at only five-months-old.

Oliver had so much hair, in fact, that doctors could spot it on the ultrasound before he was born. Even so, Dunn is surprised at how long and how quickly her baby’s hair has grown. It’s now five inches long (making it the perfect length for one of those trendy pixies.)



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“When he came out the doctor was like ‘wow, he has a lot of hair,’ and all of the nurses, everybody was like ‘look at the hair, look at the hair!'”, Dunn told local news channel KVTB.

“The first thing is always like his hair, ‘oh my gosh that hair’ everybody always says, whenever we go anywhere,” Dunn says. Well-wishers can’t seem to stop themselves from becoming fans of Oliver’s hair, she says, with plenty of questions for her about his luscious locks: “Can I touch it? How old is he? Oh my gosh that hair. Do you and your husband have hair like that? What do you do to it? Do you blow dry it?”

Dunn says he’s still too young for her to be worrying about blowouts, but she does try to keep the hair neat with a “little brush.” (Again, future stylist alert.)

There’s one milestone she’s not looking forward to: Oliver’s first haircut. “Eventually he’s going to have to have it cut, I just don’t know when – I mean I can’t bring myself to do it,” she says. “Most people wait until their babies are a year old, but I just don’t think he can wait that long.” Sounds like someone may end up rocking baby’s first manbun.

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