Ariana Grande Still Only Shows the Left Side of Her Face

Ariana Grande Still Only Shows the Left Side of Her Face
Ariana Grande Still Only Shows the Left Side of Her Face

Most of us joined the club of having favored selfie angles long ago, but Ariana Grande is a downright pioneer.

Apparently, the 23-year-old singer takes nearly all of her photos showing exclusively the left side of her face. On a trip to Australia in 2014, in fact, it was reported that photographers were told to not use natural light and only shoot the left side of her face. And if you Google search Ariana and peruse through her Instagram flicks, you’ll quickly see just what in the heck we’re talking about.

To further prove this preference, the Love Me Harder songstress recently appeared on the cover of

her signature lengthy ponytail, pink eyeshadow, a white cropped tank, sequined mini skirt — and yes, you guessed it, showing off her seemingly favored side.

Just in case you thought it stopped there: In the remainder of the featured shots in the magazine’s April 2017 issue, she Grande is only showing off the left side of her face. In fact, there’s not a single photo from the shoot that has been yet released showing her right side or even her face straight on.

While we can’t confirm the exact real reason Ariana is heavily photographed only showing the left side of her face, in 2014, Yahoo was able to gain a little insight into why people have favored sides from photographer Pamela Hanson. “Faces are not symmetrical, and anyone who has been photographed a lot usually knows how and from where they look best,” said Hanson at the time.

Researchers from a 2012 study also explained, “our results suggest that posers’ left cheeks tend to exhibit a greater intensity of emotion, which observers find more aesthetically pleasing.”

So it looks like there my actually be a little science behind Ariana’s reasoning. Add while she does occasionally switch things up — as shown in her selfie below — for the most part, Grande is a lucky lefty when it comes to posing for the camera.

Hey, what can we really say? That girl really knows her angles.

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