Ashley Tisdale Lashes Back at Fan Who Asked if She Was Pregnant

The struggle is real for Ashley Tisdale, and she’s speaking out about it. The actress attended Elton John’s Oscar party on Sunday night in a glowing royal blue Narciso Rodriguez gown that hugged her perfect frame and showed off her ladylike (while still minimal) curves. Yet, somehow, her appearance didn’t sit well with some of her fans.

The first hint that something weird went down came when Tisdale posted an ominous tweet stating, “The pressure to being perfect is a struggle.No im not pregnant,I’m just happy and haven’t been strict on my diet but thanks for the reminder.”



Ashley Tisdale went for silk and blue making for a beautiful combination. (Photo: Getty Images)


Wait…what? Who on earth would think this petite young woman with a waist still smaller than average was pregnant? Or, anything less than perfect? Apparently some fan, because they copped to it shortly after Tisdale tweeted that.

Thinking Tisdale was pregnant, one fan messaged the High School Musical alum asking what the deal was, according to Refinery29. A user named @Totidadn, whose account can no longer be found, responded to Tisdale saying, “@ashleytisdale im the one who said that you are pregnant!! I saw your body last night you were different! But i adore u no matter what ❤️” Yes. Bodies change every now and then. That’s the way humans work. They followed up with, “@ashleytisdale i saw your body & got worried that you’re not ok! Then i thought that u might be pregnant!!”

What on earth about Tisdale’s body said she’s not OK? And when did it become OK for strangers to message people asking them if they are OK because their body looked “different” in a photo?


We admire Tisdale for her response and for taking time to forget about dieting and just be happy. She looked happy and healthy. In fact, we are kind of glad this happened because besides the fact that Tisdale was body shamed, she sent an important message: happiness and losing weight are not contingent on each another. And it’s important to remove yourself from the pressures to look good sometimes and just do what makes you feel good. Other fans agree, telling her she looked “beautiful” and “perfect.”

“You looked so so STUNNING! Don’t let anyone make you feel any less. We love you,” one follower responded to Tisdale’s powerful tweet.

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