Russian rockers Leningrad set out to conquer Europe

Published time: 2 May, 2017 10:54

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One of Russia’s most famous singers, with YouTube videos scoring over 100 million views, Sergey Shnurov of the band Leningrad talks to On Events about his upcoming European gigs and why he’d vote for his wife ahead of any leader.

“London, Paris, Riga, Tallinn, Cyprus,” Sergey says, talking about his tour, and the rest “I don’t remember.”

When asked who he expects to come to see the European gigs, he says he’s big in Germany.

“They had a major movement in the 2000s, called Russian Disco. They even have a movie, where most of the songs are by our band, Leningrad.

“Leningrad's gigs make you drop all the social masks and costumes... Leningrad is like a public sauna, where everyone is equal,” Shnurov goes on to say.

The band’s latest hit is ‘Louboutins’, referring to the legendary shoe brand craved by many Russian girls as the ultimate symbol of glamor.

That video has over 100 million views on YouTube, and is accompanied by dozens of subtitled versions to make sure it reaches out to as many people as possible.

Check out the groovy video and the tour dates all over the world.


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