Taurus Monthly Horoscope: May 2017

Taurus (Born May 11 to 21) AND Taurus Ascendant from 20 to 30 degrees Taurus:

May 2017 Taurus Horoscope: Love, Career, & General Trends

The Sun this Month: Central Focus, Consciousness

Until May 10th:

The Sun continues to shine its light on your solar twelfth house. This is the time to listen to your intuition, to take a break from the hectic pace of your life, and to reflect on what you have learned in the past year. You might naturally retreat a little and take more private time for yourself now. Your physical energy levels may not be up to par for the time being, and this is your body signalling you to take a break. This is not an ideal time for pushing forward with new personal projects and plans. It is better to finish up projects and tie up loose ends now.

From May 10th forward:

The Sun illuminates your first house now, bringing issues surrounding your personal identity, appearance, outward behavior, and self-expression to the forefront. This marks the peak of your physical solar cycle, and you are in the position to make an impression on others, and to assert your personal influence. Spontaneity of expression is what this transit is about. You are ready to put your past behind you and to start a new personal cycle. You have presence and you project confidence. Increased energy and a renewed feeling of confidence is with you now, so take advantage. It's a great month to do something entirely new and pioneering—to go solo in some area of your life. This particular season of the year smiles on your personal endeavors. This is a time when you more easily get in touch with a true sense of your identity and purpose. The most enterprising side of your nature surfaces, and it's time to seize opportunities. Existing problems in your life may be overcome now by bravery and a straightforward approach to your life. There's nothing wrong with a bit of self-centeredness during this cycle, but avoid taking it too far. It's not the best time for teamwork and other cooperative endeavors. The spotlight is on you and your ability to lead, so make it a good one! Take steps to improve how you come across to others. It's time to carve your own path in life.

Venus this Month: Love, Romance, Social Life, Comfort

Until May 26th: 

Venus continues to move through your solar eleventh house. This is a strong time for putting your ego aside and lowering your defenses and simply enjoying people. It's a good time for networking and settling disputes if there are differences to iron out with friends. Cooperation comes easily, and warm friendships can be made during this cycle. Personal freedom is especially important to you right now, and you won't enjoy any associations that limit you. It can also be a good time for earnings from business.

From May 26th: 

Venus is spending some time in "hibernation" in your privacy sector. Now, this doesn't necessarily mean that your love life is stagnant, but that your affection is expressed behind closed doors. Attraction to secrets and whispers characterize this period, although for some, it can also be a time of endings, relationship concerns, and wistfulness. Personal and social contacts may be secretive, and there can be secret love affairs, or at least very private love feelings and longings. Shyness can lead to some loneliness or romantic frustration. However, this can also be a deliciously private and intimate time.

All month:

Venus continues to move through your solar eleventh house. This is a strong time for putting your ego aside and lowering your defenses and simply enjoying people. It's a good time for networking and settling disputes if there are differences to iron out with friends. Cooperation comes easily, and warm friendships can be made during this cycle. Personal freedom is especially important to you right now, and you won't enjoy any associations that limit you. It can also be a good time for earnings from business.

Mercury this Month: Communications, Learning, Connections, Transportation

Mercury is retrograde from May 9th to May 3rd

Occurring in your solar twelfth house this time, extra care should be exercised when it comes to privacy matters. You may find that you are less able to rely on your intuition. Perhaps you're picking up the wrong cues or reading too much into situations. Whatever the case may be, for the time being, you may not feel that your intuition is serving you well. Be as non-judgmental as you can, but do keep an eye out for deceptiveness and falseness in others. You might unwittingly reveal something that you'd prefer to keep private. It would be wise to be especially clear when it comes to communicating about your inner world now; or take this time to re-examine issues rather than communicating about them prematurely.

All Mercury retrograde cycles particularly affect you in terms of communications with lovers or children, and regarding financial affairs, because Mercury rules these areas of your life. Your judgment with regards to personal finances (Gemini-ruled for you) as well as romantic partners and creative endeavors may not be up to par just now, so do avoid "signing on the dotted line". Speculation is not advised during this cycle.

All month: 

Mercury continues to transit your solar twelfth house. This is a cycle in which clear decision-making does not come easily. You are paying more attention to unspoken or hidden elements of any circumstance. You are seeing all sides to any given story, and forming a definite opinion does not seem "right" for the time being. Thoughts turn to the past. It's a strong period for gaining different perspectives on problems or issues in your life, as well as for reflection and research, but not the easiest time for presenting your ideas.

Mars this Month: Energy, Drive, Courage

Until May 21st:

Mars continues to activate your solar first house, supplying you with added energy to apply towards personal goals, and a more assertive and direct approach to the world in general. This is an excellent period for physical training and exercise of any kind. The desire to be self-sufficient and independent is especially strong now. You are far less tolerant of being restricted by or dependent on others, and this is a good time to identify your personal strengths and to take positive action to rectify situations that may have previously felt frustrating or repressive. You might be especially attracted to personal challenges, and seeing just how far you can push. However, be careful not to push yourself (and others) too far.

From May 21st forward:

Mars energizes your solar second house. You have more energy at your disposal to make money, but also to defend your values. This can be a very resourceful time, when you make the most of what you have. You have much energy for new money-making projects, or for stepping up existing ones. You may be over-identifying with what you have and own, and you could be trying to prove yourself (your worth) to others using money and possessions as the means to do so. If conflicts occur during this transit, they are likely to be over issues of ownership. This is a time when impulse buying is at a peak. You probably should avoid using credit right now, simply because your spending habits may be excessive and impulsive.

Overview Horoscope:

May is a month of personal power for you, dear Taurus, and this year, you'll carry forward some of this empowering energy into June as well. There is a robust and active focus on personality development, finances, work, health, and talents. On many levels, you can feel revitalized. People notice you for who you are not only what you do. You're getting ahead because of your fabulous personality more than other assets in May.

While Venus, your lovely ruling planet, spends the entire month in your privacy sector, it’s moving direct all month, and there is a sense of forward movement nonetheless. You’re still in an incubation stage when it comes to your love life and affections - there are things to process and perhaps some healing to do before you’re clear. However, if this was agonizing at times in April, it’s a much smoother process in May. Venus will enter your sign in June, and you’ll be raring to go, but for now, laying low makes sense. Sorting things out will serve you very well now. In fact, you may need to deemphasize your love life to take advantage of other opportunities.

Pay attention to serendipities in May that relate to love, health, and work. You’ll be tuned into levels that you may normally miss, and hunches can be mighty compelling now.

Partnership matters may reach a turning point around the 9-11. You’ll come into strong touch with your feelings related to a negotiation, commitment, or one-to-one relationship. The month is outstanding for doing some ruminating and digging. You might find some real gems from old projects or ideas or recover lost valuables. From the 16th, you’re speaking up more often and making executive decisions.

There is powerful energy with you for breaking down long-standing problems or blocks. You receive great cosmic support this month for efforts to sort out financial and emotional predicaments as well as putting bad habits behind you. There can be breakthroughs happening now. More stability in your career can figure strongly.

Other key dates include the 11-12 when you feel the confidence to take charge of work or money-related matters. This can be about increasing your income or levels of work satisfaction. For some, getting healthy is a passion. The 16-17 may involve the letting go of false expectations or outdated projects and dreams. A situation related to work and friendship is not mixing well now, and adjustments may be necessary. Personal freedom feels a little limited due to a close relationship or commitment. New beginnings with finances are likely after the 25th, but first you need to sort out tricky matters related to outstanding debts, support, or old commitments. The 30-31 is excellent for making travel or educational plans, legal outcomes, or publishing or idea sharing.

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