This Month in Astrology – May 2017

This Month in Astrology – May 2017
This Month in Astrology – May 2017

The New Moon that occurred in the sign of Taurus on April 26th sets the tone for much of May. We are energized to take charge, particularly when it comes to making ourselves feel more secure. It’s a time for re-evaluating our relationship with money and possessions and discovering what it is that we truly value and that genuinely makes us happy and fulfilled. We should be concentrating on what it is we can do to increase our own feelings of self-worth. This is a time for reconnecting to nature, to our bodies, and to the world of the five senses.

Mercury turns direct on May 3rd in the sign of Aries, and continues its transit of Aries until May 16th. Delays begin to lift and decisions become clearer. Mercury emerges from its shadow on May 20th.

A Full Moon (Flower Moon) occurs on May 10th in the sign of Scorpio and is supported by Pluto, reminding us of the need to consider others’ support, contribution, needs, wants, and input, and possibly forcing awareness of relationship imbalances. It occurs when Mercury and Uranus have just formed a conjunction, pointing to a rather sudden but also easy, positive, and illuminating discovery phase.

On the 17th, Jupiter forms a quincunx with Neptune. This aspect first formed on October 23rd, 2016, and will occur again on July 4th, 2017.  There can be difficulties with limits and boundaries now. We may feel disorganized and it can be difficult to stick to a routine or to find satisfaction with our current pursuits. There can be a strong desire or need to help others now, but we may not know how to do so and feel guilty for escapist tendencies or for not being as effective as we’d like. There is a tendency to take the easy way out, but consequences are likely to be faced by doing so. We may be misled by wishful thinking or invest in impractical ideas and plans.

On the 19th, Saturn and Uranus reach their second trine. This aspect first occurred on December 24th, 2016, and will recur on November 11th, 2017, and can be considered “in effect” throughout the wider range dates. This is a time when we can bring more excitement to our lives while keeping peace and order. We’re likely to enjoy what we’re doing, particularly with our career, work, and life path matters, but extending to other areas of life as well. This can be a time of new beginnings. Changes we make tend to be deliberate or calculated, but possibly also quite quick. Original ideas may take form, or they might be developed quite successfully now. There is an opportunity to combine stability and improvement or excitement with good results. The same can be said of innovation and tradition. 

The New Moon on the 25th occurs in the sign of Gemini. By consciously tuning in to positive Gemini energy, we learn through others simply by being curious, and we improve our social and communication skills at the same time. We open our minds to more information, and we learn to truly enjoy the variety of different personalities around us. This New Moon occurs at the time of an approaching Mars-Saturn standoff, however, suggesting some resistance or blockage to change or new beginnings.

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the Sun

The Sun continues to transit Taurus until the 21st. This is not a time for radical new visions and endeavors. Instead, we might concentrate on building and developing what we already have, and developing an appreciation for those things that last, sustain, and support. The Sun transits Gemini from the 21st forward, and we are more involved with others, communicative, curious, and inclined to be “on the go.”


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