Gemini Good Days Calendar for July 2018


The sextile between Mercury and Uranus today encourages alternative approaches and new ideas, as well as technical thinking. Intuition is strong, and insights seem to come from “out of the blue.” Original, creative ideas come naturally. We can take advantage of this by solving problems in new, creative ways. Varying our usual routine may be especially rewarding. A square between Mercury and Chiron later today, however, can point to insecurity or strained, unnatural communications, as well as a time when we can be a little more sensitive to criticism. We may doubt ourselves when it comes to solving problems or learning and expressing ourselves.

The New Moon occurs in the sign of Gemini this afternoon at 3:44 PM EDT, presenting us opportunities to commit to personal goals that express the positive energies of the sign of the Twins in the coming weeks. This is a good cycle for re-evaluating our communication and social skills by questioning just how much we take in information and communicate in a friendly, non-threatening manner. We can come to new thinking that leads us in new directions, or there can be new paths for our projects.

Also today, Venus enters Leo where it will transit until July 9th. During this transit, we take pride in love, and we are generous with our money as well. It’s a warm-hearted, teasing, expressive, and proud placement for Venus. We feed on attention, acknowledgment, validation, and adoration during this transit. We can have a high ego investment in our money, love life, children, or pastimes. We should watch for extravagance and for overstating our feelings during this cycle.

The Moon is void from 3:44 PM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a conjunction to the Sun), until the Moon enters Cancer the next day, Thursday, June 14th, at 3:20 AM EDT.



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