The reason this dog only eats half her will break your heart

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Grab a tissue and a shoulder to cry on, because you may need it for this emotional journey.

A filmmaker who goes by the Twitter handle _EasyBreasy_shared this simple but touching story about his dogs with the world.

EasyBreasy only has one bowl for his two labradors, Stitch and Cookie. Ever since Cookie was young, Stitch taught her to only eat half the bowl so that there was enough for both of them.

Now that Stitch has passed away, EasyBreasy's been giving Cookie less food. Even with less to eat, he still found that Cookie left half the food for Stitch.

Do you feel your heart breaking a little inside now? Well, you're not the only one. Twitter really couldn't handle this tearjerker. 

If your heart can still handle it, here are pictures and video footage of the happy dog BFFs before Stitch passed.

Sometimes it may seem like dogs are just too good for us humans. 

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