Gordon Ramsay Finally Weighed In On The Pineapple Pizza Debate

Gordon Ramsay Finally Weighed In On The Pineapple Pizza Debate
Gordon Ramsay Finally Weighed In On The Pineapple Pizza Debate

With his soothing British accent, boyish good looks, and poetic way of speaking about cooking, we tend to trust Gordon Ramsay implicitly on all things food. Of course, the fact that he’s been working in kitchens for the past 30 years also adds to his authority. Yes, usually if Chef Ramsay says something about food, we take it without question, but he recently spoke up on the topic of pineapple pizza, and what he had to say may leave some of you feeling betrayed.

According to Thrillist, earlier this week, Ramsay hosted The Nightly Show, and while there, he ordered pizzas for the in-studio audience. We can certainly all agree that having a celebrity chef buy you a slice would be downright exhilarating, but it might be ruined if you weren’t allowed to order the kind of pizza you like. As the chef was on the phone with the pizza place, an audience member hollered a request for pineapple on the pizza. Gordon Ramsay’s reaction was — perhaps unsurprisingly — harsh. He put his hand over the phone’s mouthpiece, looked straight into the crowd, and said, “You don’t put fuckin’ pineapple on pizza.” So, there we have it, Gordon Ramsay, one of the world’s most notable chefs, has finally spoken. He will never, under any circumstance, allow pineapple to be put on his pizza.

At this point, pineapple pizza-loving Gordon Ramsay fans are at a bit of a crossroads. You can either chose to overlook this one flaw in his otherwise perfect palette, trust that he knows best and change your regular order, or stop believing anything else he says about food from now on. Or, you could try to get on one of his many cooking competition shows and make him a pineapple pizza that's so incredible, it changes his mind. The path you choose just depends on how strongly you feel about pineapple belonging on pizza.



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