8 Ways to Meal Prep with Your Instant Pot

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You already love your Instant Pot because it’s super versatile, but did you know it can help out with your weekly meal prep, too?


Meal prepping can make your week ahead a lot easier to tackle! The ease of having prepared staples to eat all week long will save you precious hours on busy nights, and might even encourage you to eat things you’ve already cooked instead of opting to go out. Instant Pots have also stepped onto the scene as a time saver, and they can help shave even more time off your usual Sunday meal prep. Here’s how!

Make the rice

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It’s a staple in so many dishes, from stir-fry to salads and burritos. Having cooked rice on hand can be a great base for all sorts of make-ahead recipes. It’s totally hands-off when it cooks for 20 minutes in the Instant Pot, so you can spend time cooking other things. Psst! Do you have an Instant Pot recipe that your gang requests again and again? Enter it into Taste of Home‘s Electric Pressure Cooker Recipe Contest for a chance to win $500. Seriously!

Hard boil a dozen eggs

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Hard-boiled eggs are a fantastic source of protein, and are obviously tasty in your favorite egg salad. But they can also be tossed into mixed greens, added to noodle bowls and more. They only take 10 minutes to cook in your Instant Pot, no watching required. Don’t miss our guide on how to make Instant Pot hard boiled eggs.

Make your own yogurt

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For super easy and creamy yogurt at home, turn to your Instant Pot. Your mornings will be a whole lot brighter when you can run out the door with a prepared parfait! (Yogurt can be more than your breakfast, too.) See all the recipes that work beautifully in an Instant Pot.

Pre-cook the quinoa

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Another easy grain to throw in the Instant Pot and walk away is quinoa. (Here are 50 ways to love this super grain.) The perfect bed for a ton of leafy greens or starter for a colorful protein-packed salad, you’ll definitely want to prep meals using quinoa. Don’t miss these 7 meal prep rules to memorize. 

Make homemade chicken stock

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…or any homemade stock or broth you’d like! Prep veg stock, beef stock and chicken stock with your Instant Pot for soup and more all week long! Not only will making your own stocks and broths at home allow you to control the salt, flavors, and seasoning, it’s a pretty hands-off process.

Cook a chicken dinner

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Chicken is low in fat and high in protein, making it a staple for healthy dinners. You can make a chicken dinner in your Instant Pot—no oven required! Just add your seasonings and let it cook while you prepare meals for the rest of your week. Shh! We’re cluing you in on our best Instant Pot secrets.

Prep some shredded protein

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Looking for a new way to eat your chicken or pork? Throw it into the Instant Pot. In just about two hours you’ll be left with perfectly tender and juicy meat that’s super easy to shred, perfect for everything from grain bowls for lunch to tacos for dinner. Find out the 5 things you should never make in your Instant Pot. 


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