PSA: Taco Bell's Cheesy New Menu Item Costs $1

PSA: Taco Bell's Cheesy New Menu Item Costs $1
PSA: Taco Bell's Cheesy New Menu Item Costs $1
Taco Bell is really on a menu-testing roll right now. Just last week, we learned that the fast food chain would be testing three new items, and we were immediately eager to try all of them. The Doritos Quesalupa Crunch, the Chicken Enchilada Burrito, and the Caesar Crunchwrap are each being tested in three different cities across the U.S. this month. Surprisingly, Taco Bell seems to have slipped in a fourth test item, and this one may just be the most appealing. The new test menu item is called the $1 Stacker, and as the name suggests, it costs just $1.

Of course, what’s most important when it comes to new menu items is taste. So here’s what to expect from the $1 Stacker. Each Stacker comes filled with seasoned ground beef, a 3-cheese blend, and warm nacho cheese sauce. If you're already fishing in your change purse for four quarters so you can quickly run out and pick up a $1 Stacker, slow your roll. For now, the item is only available in Birmingham, AL. Let's hope this extra affordable and extra portable menu item expands to Taco Bell locations nationwide.



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