Affordable Gifts — For When You're All Out Of Ideas

Affordable Gifts — For When You're All Out Of Ideas
Affordable Food Gifts — For When You're All Out Of Ideas

Being an adult during the holidays can get complicated. The days of playing carefree giftee, dressed in snuggly footie pajamas with painstakingly penciled wish lists, are gone (RIP my L.L. Bean flannels and sparkly Lisa Frank note pad). And instead, we are left budgeting, ideating, and buying everyone we know a "thoughtful" present — or a weak one because we couldn't think of anything better. In short, the giftee becomes the gifter, and our lists only get longer.

But before you throw the towel in on spreading the cheer this season, we've compiled a helpful (i.e. affordable and easy) list of gifts. And what is the most affordable and easy gift category of all, you might ask? . Because everybody's got to eat — especially during the holidays.

So simplify your life and tell your S.O. exactly how you feel with a jar of hot honey. Or surprise your work wife, who loves smoothies, with a subscription for a week's worth. Have a friend who hates everything? No problem, a Seamless holiday gift card will cover that.


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