How to Cook Frozen Peas (the RIGHT way)

You have been cooking frozen peas wrong your entire life. Peas should not be boiled! You can have flavorful, creamy peas in less than 10 minutes. Try them tonight!
Green Peas How to CookYou have been cooking peas wrong your entire life. Peas should not be boiled! You can have flavorful, creamy peas in less than 10 minutes. Try them tonight!

Ok, I admit, I am totally guilty of ripping open a bag of frozen peas and throwing them into a pot of boiling water 5 minutes before dinner and serving them as a side dish. I have never hated peas, but I have never loved them. They have always just been an easy side dish but they have never been anything special. Until I went to Epi’s (My FAVORITE restaurant in Meridian, ID.. and possibly anywhere).

On Thursdays, Epi’s offers free peas as an additional side dish to any meal and people specifically go there on Thursdays JUST for the peas. WHY? Because her peas (like everything else on the menu) are AMAZING. Like, they are craveable. PEAS. That boing side dish that no one cares about can actually be seasoned to the point of actually being delicious.

Basic tips for delicious peas:

1. Don’t BOIL! Just don’t do it. I know the package tells you to. But don’t. Trust me.
2. Add a little sugar to the peas. It’s ok, it won’t taste weird and it will bring out the natural sweet flavor.
3. Don’t salt until ready to serve. Salting them too early can dehydrate them and they (obviously) won’t be as sweet. Salt them after they have cooked and you can salt to taste.
Cooking Frozen Peas

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Add a little MINT:

If you want to try something different, and dare I say “fancy”,  try coarsely tearing up a few mint leaves and throwing them in with the peas while cooking. Leave the garlic and sugar out and just cook them with mint and butter. The mint infuses the peas with a fresh and delicious flavor that you are sure to love! It kicks dinner up a notch with very little effort.
How to Season Peas

Some answers to common questions about peas:

What is the difference between petite peas and regular peas?

Petite peas are usually sweeter and more delicate than regular peas. Regular peas are more meaty but the skin on them is a little tougher.

What is the best way to season frozen peas?

If you are using this method of cooking frozen peas, just a little salt and pepper is all you need. If you are wanting to make the peas a little fancier try adding some mint (see notes above).

Fresh peas or Frozen Peas?

Believe it or not.. FORZEN peas taste better when cooking… why? Cook’s Illustrated has a great explanation HERE. It’s definitely worth a quick read


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