Save 51% on this cooking gadget that will help you poach eggs like a pro

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Poach like a pro.Poach like a pro.

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Poaching your eggs in the morning just got a whole lot easier with this handy egg poacher that's 51% off right now.

This best-selling piece of kitchenware claims to make poaching your eggs easier than any amount of stirring ever could. Just put your egg into the bowl and let it sit in an inch of boiling water covered by a lid. When it's done, the egg comes out even and whole and ready to serve, and slips out of the silicone case with ease.  It's great for a quick and easy addition to your breakfast, and can even help out with other projects, like baking.

The egg poacher typically costs $18.97, but you can grab one for $9.21 and save $9.76.


Image: Cozilife

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