Keep your knives looking sharp with this best-selling kitchen tool

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Sharpen your kitchen game.Sharpen your kitchen game.

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Home chefs know that knives will eventually get dull, and they also know that it really sucks to use dull knives. Keep your knives sharp for all of your recipe video escapades with this best-selling knife sharpener for 60% off.

With this device, sharpening your knife is as easy as running your blade through the slot until it's nice and smooth and ready to slice. Its non-slip base makes for safe usage so that the sharpener doesn't slide when you use it. It's got two sharpeners, one for coarse sharpening and one for fine sharpening, so it's great for straight knives and serrated knives.

This knife sharpener normally costs $34.95, but you can pick one up for $13.82 and save $21.13.


Image: Priority Chef

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