This Ganni Tee Is Selling Like Hot Cakes — Erm, Croissants

This Ganni Tee Is Selling Like Hot Cakes — Erm, Croissants
This Ganni Tee Is Selling Like Hot Cakes — Erm, Croissants

You never want something until you can't have it. So, each week in The Sell-Out, we're getting the scoop from your favorite retailers on what's selling like crazy. Watch this space to find out what everyone's buying, sign up for wait lists, and keep tabs on restocks.

Remember those fruit tees that every blogger was wearing on your feed not long ago? Seriously there was a moment in time when you couldn't go on Instagram without seeing one of those lil cherry tees, and the only problem was that they then were pretty much impossible to get your hands on. Well, Ganni, the It-girl Danish clothing brand based in Copenhagen, was responsible for that fruity frenzy, and the brand is back with another foodie-centric tee that's sure to sell out again.

And, we just got word that this scrumptious tee, which sold out in just under a week the last time around, just restocked this week at Browns. It boasts a lifesize croissant design and the words "mon amour," because, you know, everyone's one true love is carbs. So, if you haven't dipped your toes into Ganni's wares just yet, we'd say this is a safe entry point. What's not to love about a $50 tee that goes with everything but also makes it look like you kind of tried to put some effort into looking cute?

Sure, the stock may have been replenished, but if the success of this tee and Ganni's other Instagram-worthy tees in any indication, it won't last long. So, click ahead to shop it while you still can, along with some other graphic tee options. Bon appetit!


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