Justin Bieber Is So Famous Even His Stylist Has Haters

Justin Bieber Is So Famous Even His Stylist Has Haters
Justin Bieber Is So Famous Even His Stylist Has Haters
Certain levels of fame are nearly impossible to comprehend. Like Justin Bieber. He's someone so famous that it seems like people are taking shots on him in the verses of new songs. When someone he hasn't dated in years puts out a song , we assume it's about him.

Hell, he seemingly launched Hailey Baldwin's career by going on vacation with her. We know that's insane to say, but had you ever head of Hailey Baldwin before she was linked with Justin Bieber? She was the definition of a "Who?" Now, she's the face of a huge Guess campaign and one of those models knocking on the door of superstardom. We know about her dad, but he's not even one of the better-known Baldwins. Also, she was steadily booking better and better gigs, but that vacation with Bieber really launched her into the stratosphere. We can't prove any of this, just saying.

Now, Bieber has reached a new level of renown. He's so famous that his stylist, Karla Welch, has haters. Look at the photo she posted to her Instagram, capturing the comments left for her.

Ok, everyone take a deep breath. A stylist doesn't, like, jam her clients into their clothes like recalcitrant toddlers. We will allow that Bieber's stylist has occasionally probably had to ask him to put on any clothes at all, but that's neither here nor there. The stylist's job is to figure out what the star likes and give the stars pieces that fall within those general parameters. If Bieber likes overalls, he will wear them to meet the prime minister. If he doesn't like his stylist, he will fire his stylist.

So let's all chill out on yelling at random people because we don't like a hoodie. Also, don't harass people online. Come on now. We're all adults.



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