Twitter Users Found This Glamour Shot of Kellyanne Conway in a Velvet Cloak

Twitter Users Found This Glamour Shot of Kellyanne Conway in a Velvet Cloak
Twitter Users Found This Glamour Shot of Kellyanne Conway in a Velvet Cloak

The cardinal rule of having people over for first time is to hide all the weird photos you have of yourself. Everyone knows that. Everyone except Kellyanne Conway, it would seem.

Trump’s counselor invited a local publication into her Alpine, New Jersey, home for an interview, and the article ran with some photos. Upon closer inspection, Twitter users noticed a hilarious glamour shot lurking in the background of some of the candid snaps — it featured a younger Conway wearing a dark fur cloak.

The first image shows a doting Conway styling her daughter’s hair on the couch, as the photo sits in a gold frame on a side table. Conway is wearing a dark cloak draped around her perfectly styled blonde waves and staring off dreamily into the distance. She’s wearing a lot of makeup — including a deep red lip — and a pearl necklace as she poses in front of gold draping.

It’s actually a pretty good shot of her, but definitely an awkward photo to keep framed in your living room, especially when photographers are around. Maybe she’s just that proud of her glory days? In the forefront, present day Conway wears a light pink dress and a chunky floral necklace. A second image shows Conway sitting on the couch beside the glam photo while talking to her daughter who’s standing in the doorway.

Our next question is: Why on earth did she take this photo? Turns out, it’s actually from a 2009 calendar of conservative ladies, all draped in fur, called Pretty in Mink. “If there were a queen of polling, Kellyanne Conway would be it,” the photo’s description began. “One of the most quoted pollsters in the nation, Conway is president and CEO of the Polling Company Inc., and is the author of What Women Really Want.” 

For the calendar shot, Conway wore a navy sheared beaver jacket with fox trim and a detachable hood from Miller’s Furs. Ann Coulter is one of the other 11 ladies in the calendar, but Conway was the only one brave enough to drape the fur over her head. Oh, Conway, always on the edge of innovation.

While she may have been the “queen of polling” at the time, some Twitter users thought she looked more like the witch played by Sarah Jessica Parker in Hocus Pocus. Others compared her to Katniss Everdeen.

Our only remaining question: Is Conway single-handedly bringing cloaks back? Nope. Kendall Jenner ignited their return a few weeks ago. But, if she whips out that cloak today, we won’t judge her.

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