Beyoncé and Blue Ivy Looked Better Than Disney Princesses at the ' and the Beast' Premiere

Sometimes we think Beyoncé just does things in order to make us smile—she’s like a bag of Skittles in the middle of a juice cleanse. Today, we awoke to images posted to her website in which she and Blue Ivy wear matching dresses to attend the premiere of  and the Beast. Looking at these (as we’ve been doing somewhat creepily for half an hour now) has us torn—on the one hand, they’re so sweet and we love the Knowles-Carter clan more than words could ever convey and on the other hand, do we really need a reminder of everything our lives are not and never will be first thing on a Monday morning? This tableau is definitely #goals, and if you want to double-up on the sentimental feelings these pics invoke we suggest you look at them on one screen while playing the new Ariana Grande x John Legend video for the Beauty and the Beast theme song on another. Now, Monday’s not so bad, is it?












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