Thank God, You Can Now Wear 's Bare Butt In T-Shirt Form

Thank God, You Can Now Wear 's Bare Butt In T-Shirt Form
Thank God, You Can Now Wear Kylie Jenner's Bare Butt In T-Shirt Form
is really the gift that never stops giving. The youngest of the most famous siblings in the world, Jenner consistently provides great beauty products, charity, and content, all without even the whiff of a scandal.

She, at only 19, has defined what it means to be a good celebrity in the Instagram age. We all feel like we might know her intimately, yet she keeps her public at the length of several arms. Speaking of knowing her intimately, she just put her bare butt on a t-shirt.


The cheeks tee is apparently available tomorrow only starting at 9 a.m. Is this shirt work appropriate? Is it life appropriate? Could you plausibly wear this shirt without being excoriated by a well-meaning old person in a supermarket checkout line? Literally, who cares.

Look, people could criticize her for this. But you can't deny that it's a decision borne of confidence. The t-shirt is, pun acknowledged, cheeky and funny and weird. It's also a statement that she won't be constrained by society's expectations that she not be semi-nude on t-shirts.

It's great. Look at it.

Here's just the photo.


And here's the shirt in a bunch of different colorways.



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