Pro-Palestinian Muslim rally was suspected Finsbury Park terrorist’s real target

The suspect behind the Finsbury Park terrorist attack may have intended to target a pro-Palestinian march, but got drunk, missed it, and went for the North London worshipers instead.

Father-of-four Darren Osborne is said to have told locals at a Cardiff pub on Saturday he was “going to do something about them” after finding out about the protest in London planned for the next day.

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According to the pub’s landlord, Andy Parker, Osborne spent the evening ranting about the Al Quds day rally, which highlights the oppression of Palestinians. But the alleged attacker went on a bender and reportedly passed out in the cab of the van he allegedly used on Monday to mow down a group of people.

“The gentleman came in and was very political with everyone he spoke to,” Parker told the Telegraph.

“He was very motivated about the Muslim Al Quds day rally going on on Sunday in London and kept saying: ‘Our brothers and sisters are dying and someone needs to do something about it.’”

Parker, who runs the Hollybush pub in the east Cardiff district of Pentwyn, added: “He kept saying he would do something about it, but he kept going on about it, and was saying we need to ‘stand up to Muslims.’”

Another local said Osborne had been “making notes on a piece of paper.”

South Wales Police confirmed they were called to reports of a van parked insecurely on a street in Cardiff, around 24 hours before the attack in Finsbury Park.

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