Nestle is no stranger to M&A, says CEO

Nestle is no stranger to M&A, says CEO
Nestle is no stranger to M&A, says CEO

If the opportunity for mergers or acquisitions arises and it makes "strategic sense" for Nestle, the food and beverage giant will be ready, the new chief executive told CNBC following its earnings release.

"When it comes to M&A, I think Nestle is no stranger to that," Nestle CEO Ulf Mark Schneider, told CNBC.

"In fact some of the most strident deals of the 1980s that actually put the company on the map where it is today, as the world's largest food and beverage company, those were coming from here."

Schneider took on Nestle's top role at the start of 2017, having come from his previous role as Fresenius Group's CEO, a health care firm that's seen many deals during his 13-year tenure.

When it comes to the health aspect and Schneider's previous work, the CEO said Nestle had already made a lot of progress in upgrading its nutritional profile in food and beverage over recent years.

In addition, while deal-making at Nestle has been relatively quiet in recent years, Schneider said the group would look at potential deals "when the time is right."

"I'm no stranger to deal-making, but I think it's basically a continuation of what we've done before and that is when there are deal opportunities that make strategic sense, we'll be there."


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