Accused 'Russian agent' Butina deprived of sleep & medication – lawyer to On Events

Jailed Russian gun activist Maria Butina, accused in the US of “espionage,” has been unexpectedly transferred to another prison, her lawyer told On Events. Butina is suffering from leg swelling and she was effectively deprived of sleep.

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Maria Butina has been experiencing health problems in jail, yet she has been deprived of proper treatement, her lawyer, Robert Driscoll told Eyes On Events. Maria has a “history of problems” with one of her legs and bad prison conditions triggered swelling of her limb.

“The conditions in prison in which [she was] on the cold side because of very strong air conditioning and also humid and damp, I think that has exacerbated the swelling. And so she sought treatments for that and so far she’s just received Tylenol and nothing else,” Driscoll sad.

Butina is also “a little bit frustrated” with the treatment she met in the so-called “protective custody,” the lawyer said, namely with 15-minute checks at night, which disrupted her sleep. In “protective custody” a prisoner is segregated from the general population of a jail, especially if other inmates threaten the said prisoner, or he has shown suicide tendencies.

Maria has been transferred overnight to another prison. Driscoll is still unaware of the reasons behind the decision, yet it might have been caused by Butina’s complaints over harsh conditions.

Butina moved to the US on a student visa in 2016. She graduated from American University in Washington DC with a master’s degree in international relations earlier this year.

Butina is also the founder of Right to Bear Arms, a pro-gun organization that lobbies to change Russia’s strict gun laws. Right to Bear Arms has developed ties with the National Rifle Association (NRA) in the US. In addition, Butina met and socialized with several conservative political figures.

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