The roads least taken in America

The roads least taken in America
The roads least taken in America

The road less taken

One of the most attractive parts of a road trip is enjoying the views at ground level. The popularity of scenic byways supports the theory that most drivers enjoy some traffic-free scenery. Of course, car-based travel is often defined by traffic jams and speeding semi trucks, not picturesque rural landscapes.

Scenic byways aren't hard to find, but what about longer scenic routes? GPS tracking firm Geotab recently found the road in each state with the least amount of traffic. They arrived at their rankings by counting the number of vehicles per day on all major roads over 10 miles long in each state. The 50 "quietest" roads provide more than a few miles of traffic-free byway bliss. Admittedly, some cut through nondescript landscapes, but some provide more than a hundred miles of natural beauty and solitude (and, in at least one case, the potential for encountering a polar bear).


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