17 Adorable Animal Friendships That Will Fill Your Heart with Happiness

Sometimes the cutest animals teach the youngest humans about trust

Cute-Animal-Pics-Proving-Trust-is-the-Answer-emilyCourtesy Emily Marnell Stewart"Boxers love children," says dog owner Emily Marnell Stewart. "Our brindle boxer, Mason, is no exception. He is the most affectionate and gentle pup to my one-year-old daughter. He licks up her spilled milk, acts as a step-stool when she wants to get up on the couch, and gives endless cuddles and kisses." Check out the fun facts you never knew about dogs you didn't know.

Trust is often expressed through hygiene

Cleanliness is king, right?

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You know the love runs deep when the couch is crowded

Two rescue dogs + one bunny = the top of our still cute animal pics list, obviously. That's math.

An open heart is letting another species find your ticklish spots

Have you ever seen animals actually tickling each other? Now you have. Interspecies tickling is filling your screen right now.

What happens when a puppy and a duck walk into a bar?

It turns out these snuggle muffins share a meal like old pals, proving that nothing binds creatures quite like good grub. We wonder if this duck even minds the scent of wet dogs closer to his or her native habitat.

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Nothing says cute like a prolonged interspecies cuddlefest

We can all agree that seeing a chinchilla, a dog, and a cat snuggling happily is probably the greatest cute animal scene of all. You're obviously going to want to bookmark this page of cute animal pics for when you're having a rough day, because this lovefest is even better than ice cream.

You didn't expect to see a bunny and a kitty sharing a meal, did you?

This is the kind of love that builds nations. We're sure of it.

A list of cute animal pics without a horse, of course? Neigh.

Interspecies trust obviously extends to the barnyard too. Don't miss the touching story of a horse that acts as its owner's eyes.

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Even a gazelle and a pug can find common ground (literally)

We have no idea why a baby gazelle and a grown-up pug decided to sunbathe together, but we're probably all better for having witnessed it.

Scales aren't always for weighing things

Sometimes the best scales come in the form of curious lizards. Even human toddlers can see the greatness.

This pig doesn't appear to be a giant piece of moving bacon to this dog

Seeing the best in other creatures sometimes means making good long-term judgment calls. Isn't a friend for life better than bacon for a day? We think this pup is making a great relationship investment.  

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It's often just about letting another creature lick your head

There, you had your more important biology lesson of the day.

Love, kindness, and friendship is also just feeling like you have safe space

You know, to be your most annoying self. This cat is giving the animal sign language equivalent of "if you don't love me at my worst, you can't love me at my best." Here's why cats love laptops.

And sometimes, just sometimes, cute animal pics defy all the odds

Have you ever seen a baby bird perched on a calf's head? Neither have we, but we're not upset because it's the most adorable farm scene we've encountered in a while. And surely, it involves a healthy dose of trust. (These are the signs you can trust your partner.)

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Even a rat can open his heart

Cute-Animal-Pics-Proving-Trust-is-the-Answer-KristieCourtesy Kristie McNamara"My 11-year-old rescues and fosters rats, rabbits, and guinea pigs," explains Kristie McNamara. "Our dog makes them all feel welcome and loved by playing with them, licking them, laying sweetly with them and even munching veggies with them." We have a lot to learn from the way this pup interacts with rodents, don't we? (These are the astounding secrets your dog knows about you.)

Real friendship is about going out of your way

Courtesy Joanna DouglasCats don't really have a street reputation for being snuggly creatures, but sometimes they go out of their way when they feel committed to the right humans. "For a six-pound tiny kitty, Chloe has so much love to give," shares cat momma Joanna Douglas. "She is my dad's beloved companion, but I'm currently catsitting. Have you ever seen a cat get under the covers and snuggle like a human? Chloe does every night."

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