This little dog will eat his way to your heart

A French bulldog using chopsticks to eat sushi Bluenjy does sushi better than most people. (Photo: bluenjy/Instagram)

There was something a little strange about the little French bulldog. Sunny Osham knew he was deaf when she brought him home, but it didn't take long for the little dog named Bluenjy to reveal a mystifying behavioral tic: he loved to wrap his paws around everything that came his way.

"When I would hold him, he would grab my hands," Oshan tells On Events. "I thought that was strange."

If a human was in range, that meant a tiny, tight hug was inevitable.

"People come up to him all the time and he immediately gives them hugs and kisses," Oshan says.

Stuffed animals got the tender touch, too.

"When I gave him toys, he would go on his back and hold his toy."

"I started noticing that when he was very very young," Osham explains. "When I just got him. I was kind of shocked in the beginning. I didn't know what he wanted. He kept grabbing my hands."

And then Oshan finally got the memo.

"I thought maybe I should give him something to eat…" she says. "I think it was a banana the first time. And he held it and ate it."

(Although he didn't peel it himself.)

But a culinary star was born that day. The little dog not only ate the banana, clenching it tightly between both paws, but he squeaked and moaned in unearthly delight.

And ever since then, Bluenjy's dining habits have bewitched people the world over. He's become a bit of a fashion icon for Oshan's online dog accessory store, Frenchiestore.

And he's an Instagram star-in-the-making with more than 75,000 people thrilling to his every meal.

The menu includes sushi. (Bluenjy, unlike 90 percent of the population, has no trouble with chopsticks.)

Pizza right out of the box:

And even a nice fresh summer melon:

We may never know why Bluenyj is such a hands-on diner. Oshan has a theory though: Because Bluenjy is deaf, she thinks he compensates by wanting to feel more of the world around him — from people to toys to, of course, food.

Oshan is also quick to point out that Bluenjy eats his usual dog food in the usual dog way — direct to mouth. But when he's feeling special — and she'd made sure the little bulldog doesn't have a specific allergy — that's when he truly comes alive — and sings the belly electric.

Then, of course, it's time for his beauty rest.

For more scenes of a small dog living deliciously, visit Bluenjy's Instagram page.

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