30 Funny Dog Photos You Need to See

We asked readers to send in their favorite animal photos. We were so entertained, we couldn't help but share.

This small dog on a big mission

Little dog running through tulip fieldCourtesy Tish Day

Running through a field of flowers is serious business. This little guy knows it.

Tish Day, Mossyrock, Washington

This supermodel

Little girl and her dog both stick their tongues outCourtesy Kendra Richard

Everyone say cheese! Or, um, whatever these two best friends are saying in this adorable pic.

Kendra Richard, Daly City, California

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This troublemaker

Dog carrying bottle of alcoholCourtesy Don Albright

Who doesn't want to play fetch with a bottle of whiskey every once and a while!

Don Albright, Clayton, Washington

This real smooth cowboy

Yellow lab with a cowboy hatCourtey Madison Montanari

Don't mess with Texas—or with this friendly Lab's adorable cowboy hat.

Madison Montanari, Dallas, Texas

This retrieving retriever

Dog playing fetch in the snowCourtesy Katlin Kenney

All that matters is that you catch the ball. Check out these photos of baby sloths.

Kaitlin Kenney, Crownsville, Maryland

This terrified passenger

Mom and son in car with yawning puppyCourtesy Andrea Narciso

We've all experienced some ruff moments on the road, right?

Andrea Narciso, Chico, California  

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This pup who's along for the ride

Dog looking out the windowCourtesy Virgil Swanson

The best way to spend a beautiful day: windows down with the wind in your long floppy ears.

Virgil Swanson, Greenfield, Iowa

This unimpressed Chihuahua

Dog posing on bedspreadCourtesy Anna Melys

This tiny pup looks surprised, yet composed.

Anna Melys, Piland, Ohio

This guilty-looking dog

Dog playing in the gardenCourtesy Julianna Blankenship

This guilty-looking dog was caught red-handed in the garden.

Julianna Blankenship, Troy, Minnesota 

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This tired doggo

Dog napping on the couchCourtesy Elizabeth DiPalma

It's not always fun and games—even dogs need their rest.

Elizabeth DiPalma, Dallas, Texas

This sunbathing pup

Dog sitting in the grass outsideCourtesy Will Cedotal

This cute dog loves soaking up the sunshine.

Will Cedotal, Flora, Mississippi

This group of doggie best friends

Four cute dogs standing on stonesCourtesy Glenn Eberle

You can only join this crew if you like fetch, parks, and treats.

Glenn Eberle, Chester, New Jersey

This bright-eyed dog

Pomeranian posing with orange ballCourtesy Elizabeth Brammer

"Is it time to play yet?"

Elizabeth Brammer, Hutchinson, Kansas

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This dressed up snow-lover

White dog with blue hair bows sitting in the snowCourtesy Cindy Bellis

This cute dog is rocking a blue handkerchief.

Cindy Bellis, Baxter, Tennessee 

This winter-ready pup

Dog in red sweaterCourtesy Connie Howlett

Although this dog might not be a huge fan of the turtleneck, at least he is warm, cozy, and looking festive.

Connie Howlett, Park Hills, Missouri  

This sleepy puppy

Dog cuddling stuffed rabbitCourtesy Patricia Metrick

This cuddle session looks like pure bliss.

Patricia Metrick, Scottsdale, Arizona  

This cute dog who is off to the races

Dog dressed in hatCourtesy Helen Longo

A dog wearing a hat will always be hilarious.

Helen Longo, Panama City, Florida 

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This tired doggo

Dog resting head on little girlCourtesy Marianne Kopala

What could be more comfy than a two-year-old's head?

Marianne Kopala, Toms River, New Jersey 

This photogenic pup

Selfie of woman with her dog on a boatCourtesy Erin Norby

Selfies are undeniably better with dogs.

Erin Norby, Stillawter, Minnesota 

This bubbly dog

Dog standing on hind legs looking at bubblesCourtesy Marilyn Henderickson

It really is the little things that make us happy! (Like bubbles and pics of cute dogs like this.)

Marilyn Hendrickson, Bothell, Washington

These party animals

Two black and white dogs dressed in Mardi Gras attireCourtesy Anthony Utzie

These dogs are ready for Mardi Gras!

Anthony Utzie The Villages, Florida 

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This hairy dog

Tiny dog sitting on a black chairCourtesy Shelley Strnad

Did someone say blow out?

Shelley Strnad, Oswego, Illinois

This smiling doggo

Black and white dog smilingCourtesy Denise Collica

This cutie is probably daydreaming about treats.

Denise Collica, Farmingville, New York 

This hungry pup

Black dog sitting in a fridgeCourtesy Pat Ingham

Someone is hungry!

Pat Ingham, Richland, Washington 

This swinging dog

Dog in a blue swingCourtesy David Donaldson

Keep on swinging.

David Donaldson, Livonia, Michigan

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These curious dogs

Two dogs stuck in a barrelCourtesy Tami Lapthorne'Hastings

Double the trouble also means double the fun.

Tami Lapthorne'Hastings, Auburn, Washington 

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