5 Incredible Indoor Exercise Wheels for Cats

If you have an indoor cat that can be a bit disruptive at times, then your feline friend could be in need of some stimulation. Cat wheels provide your kitty with the simple, healthy activity of walking and running, while keeping them focused and entertained indoors. Demand from owners has seen a number of modern and functional new cat wheels on the market in styles to suit most homes. From free standing cat wheels, to fully customised wheels and even wall mounted cat wheels, there’s something here for every frisky feline. 

one fast cat cat wheel


This cat wheel made by One Fast Cat is easy to assemble and allows for it to easily be cleaned if your cat likes to make a mess. The wheel rests on two pairs of roller blade wheels on a base that fits into a track that keeps the exercise wheel in place but can be removed if you need to relocate or clean it. The exercise wheel itself is made of recycled plastics making it a good, inexpensive choice when shopping for cat wheels. See more at onefastcat.com.
catwheel cat exercise wheel


If you are not only looking for a exercise wheel for your cat but also an entire playground to keep multiple cats entertained, then look into getting a Catwheel Tower. Catwheel towers come in multiple varieties to fit you and your cat’s needs including options for storage, sections for food and litter, and scratching posts for your cats. The major component of these towers however are the exercise wheels at their base – making these the all-in-one package for indoor cats. See more at catwheel.net

maclaw cat exercise wheel


For those of you looking for something different for your cat, look no further than the Maclaw Cat Wheel. Each wheel is hand-crafted and allows for you to choose custom graphics, making each piece unique. The Maclaw Wheel is wide enough for two cats to use at the same time and has a rubber surface that allows for extra grip. See more at maclawwheel.co.uk

gocat cat wheel


The GoCat Wheel has a sleek design with a wooden base that keeps the exercise wheel in place, no matter how much your cat moves within it. The wheel’s track has a vinyl surface for easy cleanup and also has space for two cats to run simultaneously. Its design allows for the wheel to go as fast as your cat wants to run and can slow down fast when your cat is ready to stop. The GoCat Wheel is durable and lightweight, and comes in a variety of colours. See more at gocatwheel.net.

diy cat exercise wheel


If you want to take your cat’s exercise and entertainment into your own hands then you can always make one yourself. There are many different designs that you can make yourself as long as you have the materials and patience to do so. When deciding to make a cat wheel, some things to keep in mind are the size, placement of the wheel in your home, and how your cat will use it. We love this DIY wall mounted cat wheel made from a bicycle wheel. 

In short there are a wide variety of cat wheels available to fit any home and cat. They offer great exercise for your feline friends without costing a lot of space in your home or chunks from your bank account.

Do you have a cat wheel? What do you think about them? Tell us in the comments below!

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