Russians build three-car fidget spinner

Russians build three-car fidget spinner

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  • 21 June 2017

Three Russian cars welded together in an attempt to make a car-based fidget spinnerImage copyright Garage 54 Image caption Three Lada Samaras and a lot of smoke in a stunt that would have made Top Gear proud

A group of Russian motor enthusiasts have tried to make a car-based version of the fidget spinner, and very nearly succeeded in their attempts to make it spin.

In a stunt that would not look out of place on Eyes On Events's Top Gear programme, the Novosibirsk-based Garage 54 team welded together the front ends of three Lada Samara cars to see if they could replicate the action of this year's cult toy, Russia's Sputnik news website reports.

But instead of getting the three-headed monster to spin on the spot, all they could manage was a series of ever-increasing circles as the motors worked against themselves.

"You saw it yourself. It looks like a real spinner. We didn't get the crazy spinning, as the cars started to break down," one of the team said. "But still we managed to drive three cars at once."

Previous experiments by the Garage 54 group, who are well-known in the Siberian city of Novosibirsk for their motoring escapades, include a "CatDog" where they welded two cars together. The spinner, they say, was the logical conclusion to this by adding a third.

But admitting defeat, the shows the "Russian spinner" being torn apart with the help of a tow-rope attached to an SUV.

Image copyright Garage 54 Image caption Nobody's quite sure which is the front end Image copyright Garage 54 Image caption Obligatory shot of an angle grinder Image copyright Garage 54 Image caption The inevitable end Image copyright AFP Image caption If the entire fidget spinner craze has passed you by, there's what they look like

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Reporting by Alistair Coleman, Maria Kiseleva

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