Donald Trump: 'No change' to UK state visit plans, says No 10

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Downing Street says there has been "no change" to plans for a UK state visit by US President Donald Trump.

It comes after the Guardian reported Mr Trump had called Prime Minister Theresa May to say he did not want to carry out the trip until he had support from the British public.

He was invited for the state visit by the Queen.

Mr Trump was criticised after attacking London Mayor Sadiq Khan over his response to the recent terror attacks.

Mr Khan had told the public they should not be alarmed at the increased police presence on the streets after the attacks on London Bridge and at Borough Market.

But Mr Trump then accused him

of making "pathetic excuses".

A Downing Street spokesman said: "We aren't going to comment on speculation about the contents of private phone conversations.

"The Queen extended an invitation to President Trump to visit the UK and there is no change to those plans."

The Guardian reported that, according to a Downing Street adviser who was in the room, Mr Trump made a call in recent weeks in which he stated his reservations about the visit.

Mrs May is reported to have been surprised by Mr Trump's position.

Labour leader

welcoming the "cancellation" of the visit.

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron said Mr Trump was "clearly terrified of the British public".

He added: "He knows that the British people find his politics appalling and that they won't be scared to make their views known.

"Theresa May should be embarrassed that she was so quick to offer Trump a state visit. Now neither of them want to be seen with the other."

Mr Trump's own Twitter account, through which he regularly makes announcements, has not made any recent mention of the UK state visit.


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